Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Roof vent leak at the stack

This morning I will be patching a leak at the roof vent for a new customer. (pictured at right)
This is the pipe that sticks out of the roof of your home and is the largest of the roof vents on the roof of the home.

Your plumbing system is vented to the atmosphere to allow waste water to flow to the main sewer at the street or septic tank. Think of this vent as a straw. If you submerge a straw in to a liquid and then hold your finger over the end, when you remove the straw
the liquid will stay in the straw. When you remove your finger the liquid will flow.

All plumbing systems have a vent. There is another type of vent that is used when there is no other option to vent to the atmosphere. This is called inline vent. (Pictured above at left)
I have had customers with slow or non flowing sinks that assume there is a clog.
This is not true, the real reason is that the vent is closed and not venting like a straw.

This usually happens in the colder times of the year when the inline vent is exposed to the colder temperature. The remedy is to plunge with your hand or use a plunger. Sometimes moving the inline vent is the best remedy.

Job complete.

This was a tricky one the roof pitch was 12/12, I positioned my ladder at the gable and crawled out 4’ (I was praying all the way). This was no fun but the work is done.
Also I installed a complete new dryer vent system.

This house is over one hundred years old and has lathe and plaster with no insulation and asbestos siding.

This customer want’s an additional bid to blow insulation.