Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Installing new water service line.

This is a customer that I'm working with. There main service water line to the home broke under ground.I am helping customer replace line. The customer will be pulling his own permit to have work completed. Was to start Wensday 11.28.07 was unable to start my scheduled back hoe operater has other comitments to meet. Found another operater to start this Saturday 12.1.07

Looking North from water meter to Murdock hydrant 75'

During 12/1/07

Looking West water line to run 65' West from Mudock hydrant (Before)

During 12/1/07

During 12/1/07

Hand dug hole looking for 4" main gas line.

Looking in to meter hole at city supplied water meter

Looking into hand dug hole at orange 4" main gas line.

Main cutoff valve in home.

Job Completed 12.20.07
I want to thank Karl at K.B. Complete Plumbing Heating & Cooling, also Jerry at service supply. These two companies gave advice for this project and also donated materials or sold materials at cost. Thank you.