Monday, May 7, 2007

* Job Completed 12.28.06* Installing plumbing drain & supply lines for washing machine and other work.

Installed new window sash ropes 12.26.06 I was dreading this job and I really don’t know why. I removed the right side of the trim looking for a cavity where the window weights are and to my surprise there was no cavity. Upon further inspection after removing the sash and sash track’s there was a small opening for access to the weights. I removed the old ropes and installed new ones reinstalled the old trim and calked. Today I will go back and paint.

When I bided this job the customer informed me that other contractors did not want to attempt to replace the sash weight ropes. They wanted to install replacement windows. This is a great idea and I had suggested the same. This is the first time I had ever installed sash ropes, I had seen my Uncle do this when I was a kid. This is fairly easy to do.

This job I have to cut drain line below urinal and connect for washing machine drain.
Also I have to connect pex water supply lines.