Friday, April 6, 2007

Installed new ceiling fan/light with new 110v electrical line

This is the type of work I really like to do “small one day jobs.” I started around 12 noon and install was completed by 4:30PM. Taking in to consideration of going to do the bid 1.5 hours
Going to supplier and purchasing the materials 2 hours.
Writing this post 2 hours. This was a 10 hour job.

This customer is very pleasant to communicate with and a very caring person I cannot say more. The job went smooth with no problems considering the obstacles and difficulties that I had to encounter. This home was built a few years back and is in excellent shape.

When the house was built there was no electrical lighting installed in the center of the ceilings in some of the rooms. This install today was to install a ceiling fan in the ceiling of the main living room on the first floor with new electrical service. No wall switch. Fixture to be operated with pull chains supplied by manufacture.

The switch could have been installed in the wall but this would of encountered cutting drywall, repairs and paint. The cost factors where taken into consideration.

This type of install can be very difficult in other situation due to many factors. (I.E. access and electrical). There are many ways to do this install. Channel can be run exposed but this has a look that is not acceptable in residential installs.

I arrived at the job site and the first priority was to calculate/articulate where and how I am going to do this work. I prayed and with the help of the LORD JESUS it went smoothly.

I tapped into electrical on the 2nd floor at the junction of the unused attic fan.

Thru the wall down to the 1st floor ceiling. I had to cut access hole inside the 2nd floor closet to help fish and to do my pull. This access hole was repaired with installing a remodel single gang box and blank cover.

A small access hole was cut in the ceiling just big enough to get my hand in to pull my fish tape down through. 14/2 with ground was attached to fish tape and my pull was completed easily with no problems.

Blue in color remodel ceiling junction box was installed. (When I say REMODEL this means a special junction box that has tabs that grab the ceiling drywall when screws are tightened to affix it’s self to in a secure manner.)
Ceiling fan motor was screw attached to joist and motor installed and electrical was tested to make sure motor operated. This test was performed before any other work is completed. It makes the job go more easily and you don’t have to back step.

Ceiling fan/light assembly installed/tested.

I always have the utmost respect for customer when in there home. Clean up is one of the most important parts of the job. When I leave the job is clean. Vacuum was performed and furniture move back to is original position.

Totals where calculated and final payment made.

I started this report this morning 4.11.07 the day after the work and here is an e-mail from customer.

“Just wanted to take a moment and tell you how appreciative I am for my beautiful new ceiling fan/light! Kudos to you for a job well done!”
Thanks again,